Write Your Story… I’ll Meet You at the Lamppost


submitted by the Library Member, Venessa Mason

It has been 25 long years

My celebrated friend

There was a time you visited much more often

I miss you desperately

And would love to see you again,

But rather than wait, I will let more time pass.


The other morning was a close call

Sub-degrees were on my side,

And I half-hoped that you would make a surprise visit

It seemed a ridiculously simple request at the time

But alas, another near miss.


Idle musings, remembering how you appeared

At times, audaciously

Erupting with seismic force;

Attacking with a firm and determined grasp on anything, anyone in your path

Gravity working overtime

As you advanced vigorously, endless and Earthward

Tapering off but for a moment, then pouncing again,

Stronger than before.


More often though, you unfolded like a lullaby

Melodious, gentle, and paced

A graceful curtsy on an easy wind

You were a lovely cosmos of awe-inspiring configurations

Beauty beyond reckoning

Such loveliness Glistening against the light of the moon as evening fell into night.


How precise your cognitive map,

Guided, no doubt, by some Divine Hand

Knowing always a perfect arrangement

Transforming Block after City block into tidy rows

Of miniature houses hiding under pearly bonnets;

As a body, a silvery forest

You made your mark, indelibly.


Never you mind, the naysayers

I welcome you always………anytime

You make for me, a special event of the every day

Saturating the scene with merriment

And Featuring picturesque views

That add aesthetic value to the mundane.


My heavens!  That ten-block trek from school to home, was

Each afternoon, a fretful anticipation

But you made an adventure of it

Indulging our fancies with Frolic and Fun fights

Slipping and sliding haphazardly we were, otherwise endeavoring to remain upright.



Michigan flashbacking, and I am there once more

Spying neighbors digging for hours to level a parking space out front

Daring anyone to swoop in while they are away.


Everyone in resonance on streets downtown, all having the same idea as they brave the elements

Seeking refuge just inside tall heated buildings

Hustling and bustling, bundling up, Trampling through, and

Pausing just for a moment to greet an acquaintance or to catch a breath.


Then, the slowest crawl……. through traffic on I-94,

Hours it took, to travel minutes away


What stress?

Free from worries, I was

Giddy with exhaustion, I loved it all

That’s how it played out affectionately, under your spell

…….. I loved it all.


One quiet night I dashed out into the middle of the street

And danced with abandon in a vague brand of madness

Just having my own private parade under the lamppost

Surely neighbors peering through curtains


Wondering whether some loony had just escaped WARD 7.



On and on I danced with you

For as long as I could, for as long as you stayed

I wished it were longer

I know, I know.

You must move on; disappear, actually.


There are days when my only dream is to drift forward with you, to the past

To the site of memories held dear

And maybe at the right place and

At the right time

A hunch?  A hope

I will find you there, back on the job

For a chance again, to dance under the lamppost.


‘Til then, I’ll bide my time

Get on with my day

And delight in the comforting thought that

In this world,

At this very moment,

At least Somewhere…….it is snowing.

Write Your Story @ Union City Library

Join our library group, headed by Bruce Hasse, for an   informal gathering of aspiring writers of all types of genres. Your writing can be memoirs, creative non-fiction, poetry, song lyrics, science fiction, plays,essays, you name it!  We just want to hear what you have written and support each other as we grow as writers.

Third Tuesday of the Month:  February 20, March 20, and 17

 1 p.m. to 3 p.m.


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