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Monday Children’s Book Reviews for April 27, 2015

10 little rubber ducks10 Little Rubber Ducks by Eric Carle

“Based on a true story, an amusing tale tells about ten rubber ducks who, after being tossed overboard a ship during a storm, find themselves floating alone on the high seas–reaching lands and meeting people far away from their original destination.”             [JPB CARLE,E]

square cat abcSquare Cat ABC by Elizabeth Schoonmaker

“Each letter of the alphabet tells the story of an adorable mouse who discovers Eula, a hip-yet-square cat, in her garden. Mouse wants a taste of his favorite vegetable, spinach, but our four-sided feline hates the green leafy stuff. Enter the threatening, pointed quills of a porcupine, and Mouse is ready to run! One letter leads to another and by the story’s end, Mouse and Porcupine are pals—and Eula might even try a taste of zesty spinach.”             [JPB  SCHOONMAKER,E]

bo at iditarod creekBo at Iditarod Creek by Kirkpatrick Hill

“Ever since five-year-old Bo can remember, she and her papas have lived in the little Alaskan mining town of Ballard Creek. Now the family must move upriver to Iditarod Creek for work at a new mine, and Bo is losing the only home she’s ever known. Initially homesick, she soon realizes that there is warmth and friendship to be found everywhere . . . and what’s more, her new town may hold an unexpected addition to her already unconventional family.

“This stand-alone sequel to Bo at Ballard Creek  is a story about love, inclusion, and day-to-day living in the rugged Alaskan bush of the late 1920s. Full of fascinating details, it is an unforgettable story.”      [J HILL,K]


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Monday Children’s Book Reviews for September 12, 2011

  W is for Wombat: My First Australian Word Book by Bronwyn Bancroft

“The selection of colors, animals, and words and the board book format makes this the perfect book for toddlers. Each page depicts an Australian word creating a captivating reference that celebrates the uniqueness of Australia and its language.”                           [JPB BANCROFT]

Marty McGuire by Kate Messner

“Marty McGuire would rather spend recess catching frogs in the pond than playing dress-up with the other girls in third grade. So when her teacher casts Marty as the princess in the class play, Marty’s absolutely, positively sure that there’s been a huge mistake. But after a special lesson in the art of improvisation, Marty comes up with her OWN plan to IMPROVE the play.”        [J MESSNER]

Racing in the Rain: My Life As A Dog by Garth Stein

“Have you ever wondered what your dog is thinking?

“Meet one funny dog—Enzo, the lovable mutt who tells this story. Enzo knows he is different from other dogs: most dogs love to chase cars, but Enzo longs to race them. He learns about racing and the world around him by watching TV and by listening to the words of his best friend, Denny, an up-and-coming race car driver, and his daughter, Zoe, his constant companion. Enzo finds that life is just like being on the racetrack — it isn’t simply about going fast.”                                                [J STEIN]

Time For Kids Almanac 2012

“Packed with facts, stats and news from around the country and around the world, the TIME For Kids Almanac 2012 includes information on topics ranging from animals to acid rain, voting rules to video games, sports stars to space exploration – and much more. This richly designed resource features more than 800 photos, maps, lists and time lines, and is sure to keep young readers engaged, entertained and learning-all at once.”                      [J031.02 TIME]

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Monday Children’s Book Reviews for September 27

Usborne Very First ABC by Jo Litchfield

“This bright and lively picture word book introduce very young children to the letters of the alphabet.”   This is a Board Book.     [JPB LITCHFIELD]

Hawksmaid: The Untold Story of Robin Hood and Maid Marian by Kathryn Lasky

“Before she was Maid Marian, she was Matty. . . .

“Matty has been raised to dance well, embroider exquisitely, and marry nobly. But when Matty’s mother is murdered before her very eyes and her father, a nobleman, is reduced to poverty, Matty’s life changes.

“As the daughter of Nottingham’s most famous falconer, she finds a new destiny in the hawks her father keeps. She begins to understand their thoughts and even speak their language. The beautiful merlin Marigold becomes Matty’s closest winged companion and her fiercest ally.

“It is a treacherous time in England. The sheriff of Nottingham is rising to power, and a true king has been kidnapped. Determined to fight, Matty’s friend Fynn becomes Robin Hood. As Maid Marian, Matty joins Fynn and his Merry Men, famously robbing from the rich to give to the poor.

“You thought that you knew the legend, but this is the untold story. Bestselling author Kathryn Lasky soars to magnificent new heights here, giving us a bold tale of bravery and romance.”             [J LASKY]

Fairies and the Quest for Never Land by Gail Carson Levine

“A descendant of Wendy Darling’s, Gwendolyn has always loved fairies. So when Peter Pan takes her to Never Land, she heads straight for Fairy Haven. She hopes one of the fairies will even like her well enough to return to the mainland. But Gwendolyn soon finds that the fairies aren’t quite so trusting of her and her Clumsy ways. Then something happens that makes everything else pale in comparison – the evil dragon Kyto escapes. Suddenly everyone on the island is in danger. Tinker Bell and the other fairies reluctantly allow Gwendolyn to join them on a quest that could be their very last. . . .By the creators of Fairy Dust and the Quest for the Egg.”            [J LEVINE]

Dewey the Library Cat: a True Story by Vicki Myron with Bret Witter

“Abandoned in a library book drop slot in the dead of winter, this remarkable kitten miraculously endured the coldest night of the year. When librarian Vicki Myron found him in the morning, she wrapped him in her arms, nurtured him back to health, and introduced him to his new home – the library. Helping Myron through a difficult time, and inspiring the struggling town of Spencer, Iowa, Dewey gained worldwide fame as a symbol of hope, warming the hearts of all with his tail…or rather, his tale.”              [J636.80092 MYRON]

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