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Monday Children’s Book Reviews for November 22

The Princess and Her Panther by Wendy Orr

“Imagination is at the heart of this book as two sisters set out to camp in their backyard. Their red tent becomes a royal shelter, the wading pool a lake, and the sandbox is the desert they toil across. The princess is stalwart, but her little sister, the panther, is unnerved when night falls. After one too many scares by neighborhood animals, the girls do not predictably retreat into the safety of the house but, instead, stand up to the night and are brave—both of them. The final spread shows that all is well in the tent, with a bright moon shining and the sisters contentedly asleep.”                                  [JPB ORR]

Scat, Cat! by Alyssa Satin Capucilli

“Scat, cat!” said the dog.

“Scat, cat!” said the bird.

“Scat, cat!” said the other cats.

“Go home.”

When a small cat is lost, he walks and walks. He walks through city and country, and if someone tells him to scat, he just keeps walking. Will the cat find a home?       [I Can Read! Shared My First Reading]        [JE CAPUCILLI]

Rise of the Darklings by Paul Crilley   The Invisible Order Book One

“Emily Snow is twelve years old, supporting herself and her younger brother on the streets of Victorian England by selling watercress. One early winter morning on her way to buy supplies, she encounters a piskie — a small but very sarcastic fey creature that has been cornered by a group of the Black Sidhe, piskies from an opposing clan. She rescues him and unknowingly becomes involved in a war between the Seelie and the Unseelie, two opposing factions of fairies that have been battling each other throughout the long centuries of human history, with London — and England itself — as the ultimate prize.

“When the Invisible Order — a centuries-old secret society of humans that has protected mankind from the fey’s interference — gets involved, things really start to get complicated.”                           [J CRILLEY]

Trains on the Move by Willow Clark

“Trains are some of the fastest and most useful vehicles in the world. Readers will learn all about the different types of trains, how they work, and how important they are in this exciting book.”                [J625.1 CLARK]


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