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Monday Children’s Book Reviews for December 12, 2016

branchThe Branch by Mireille Messier and Pierre Pratt

“When a severe ice storm knocks a special branch from her favorite tree, a girl refuses to let it be discarded, and with the help of her neighbor, Mr. Frank, makes something new of it.”               [JPB MESSIER,M]

buddy-and-earl-and-the-adventureBuddy and Earl Go Exploring by Maureen Fergus

“Buddy and Earl are safely tucked in for the night; Buddy on his blanket and Earl in his cage. But just as Buddy settles in for a nice, long sleep, Earl says it’s time to say Bon voyage.

“Soon these mismatched pals are at it again, exploring the wilds of the kitchen and defending a lovely lady hedgehog – who may or may not be Mom’s hairbrush – from imminent danger. When they’ve finally vanquished the greatest monster of all – the vacuum cleaner – it’s time for some well-earned shut-eye.

“This second book in the Buddy and Earl series reunites this odd and loveable animal couple: a dog who likes to play by the rules and a hedgehog who knows no limits.”                     [JPB FERGUS,M]

water-princessThe Water Princess by Susan Verde

“With its wide sky and warm earth, Princess Gie Gie’s kingdom is a beautiful land. But clean drinking water is scarce in her small African village. And try as she might, Gie Gie cannot bring the water closer; she cannot make it run clearer. Every morning, she rises before the sun to make the long journey to the well. Instead of a crown, she wears a heavy pot on her head to collect the water. After the voyage home, after boiling the water to drink and clean with, Gie Gie thinks of the trip that tomorrow will bring. And she dreams. She dreams of a day when her village will have cool, crystal-clear water of its own.

“Inspired by the childhood of Burkina Faso–born model Georgie Badiel.”                      [JPB VERDE,S]

best-manThe Best Man by Richard Peck

“Archer Magill has spent a lively five years of grade school with one eye out in search of grown-up role models. Three of the best are his grandpa, the great architect; his dad, the great vintage car customizer; and his uncle Paul, who is just plain great. These are the three he wants to be. Along the way he finds a fourth—Mr. McLeod, a teacher. In fact, the first male teacher in the history of the school.

“But now here comes middle school and puberty. Change. Archer wonders how much change has to happen before his voice does. He doesn’t see too far ahead, so every day or so a startling revelation breaks over him. Then a really big one when he’s the best man at the wedding of two of his role models. But that gets ahead of the story.”       [J PECK,R]

irenas-childrenIrena’s Children: A True Story of Courage by Tilar J. Mazzeo

“This young readers edition of Irena’s Children tells Irena’s unbelievable story set during one of the worst times in modern history. With guts of steel and unfaltering bravery, Irena smuggled thousands of children out of the walled Jewish ghetto in toolboxes and coffins, snuck them under overcoats at checkpoints, and slipped them through the dank sewers and into secret passages that led to abandoned buildings, where she convinced her friends and underground resistance network to hide them.

“In this heroic tale of survival and resilience in the face of impossible odds, Tilar Mazzeo and adapter Mary Cronk Farrell share the true story of this bold and brave woman, overlooked by history, who risked her life to save innocent children from the horrors of the Holocaust.”                            [JB SENDLEROWA,I]


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Monday Children’s Book Reviews for April 4, 2016

spot a lot vehicleSpot a Lot Vehicle Adventure: And Count a Little, Too! by  Steve Smallman and Nicola Slater

“When a courier’s truck breaks down, he hitches a ride on different kinds of vehicles, from tractors to hot air balloons, to deliver the package.” And along the way readers get to count and hunt for objects in the pictures!       [JPB SMALLMAN,S]

louise trapeze did not loseLouise Trapeze Did NOT Lose the Juggling Chickens  *Probably by Micol Ostow

“Ladies and gentlemen! Boys and girls! Feast your eyes on the one, the only Louise Trapeze! Louise is seven years old now, which means she is super mature. Ready for big responsibilities! Her BFF Stella gets to watch Clementine the Elephant, and even Ferret-Breath Fernando is trusted with errands for the ringmaster. But Louise has nada, nothing important at all to do. Until she gets her chance! She is asked to watch the three juggling chickens. Louise knows she will make a superb babysitter. Too bad Oona, Loona, and Maude have other ideas. . . .

“This follow-up to Louise Trapeze Is Totally 100% Fearless is perfect for fans of IVY AND BEAN and JUNIE B. JONES.”                     [J OSTOW,M]

let's knitLet’s Knit: Learn to Knit With 12 Easy Projects

“Perfect for beginner knitters, Let’s Knit explains how to master the basics. Clear, straightforward photographs show readers how to cast on, cast off, and how to do the two basic stitches: knit and purl. From there, readers can move on and learn to knit 10 projects mostly made from simple rectangles, including a coin purse, a cushion, a teddy bear scarf, and a knitted dog, bird, and cat — all using simple stitches.

“With easy-to-follow techniques that build confidence, plus tips and suggestions on how to customize and personalize creations by adding faces and other features using simple felt shapes, stitches, buttons, and ribbons, Let’s Knit will inspire young crafters to develop a new skill.”              [J746.432 LET’S]

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Monday Children’s Book Reviews for December 14, 2015

hot chocolateWant to try your hand at making gifts this year? Find help at the Library!

cool sewing for kidsCool Sewing for Kids by Alex Kuskowski

“Provides step-by-step, illustrated instructions for sewing projects, including a tote, pillow, and pencil case.”  [J746 KUSKOWSKI]

kids guide to sewingA Kid’s  Guide to Sewing: Learn to Sew with Sophie and Her Friends: 16 Fun Projects You’ll Love to Make and Use by Sophie Kerr

“In this book by well-known modern quilters Weeks Ringle and Bill Kerr along with their 11-year-old daughter Sophie Kerr, kids will learn how to navigate a sewing machine, make smart fabric choices, and use basic sewing tools. Sixteen kid-friendly projects run the gamut from clothes to bags to accessories while clear, step-by-step instructions walk kids through the creation of each. Throughout the book, tips from Sophie offer design and construction advice from a kid’s perspective. The book ‘grows’ with the sewist, offering more complex projects as the reader’s skills develop.”                  [J646.2044 KERR]

simply sewingSimply Sewing by Judy Ann Sadler

“Features a vast array of unique sewing projects, including tote bags, wraps, and ways to transform ordinary apparel into fashion masterpieces, that are accompanied by step-by-step instructions, hand-sewing stitches, and fabric facts.”         [J646.2 SADLER]

cool knitting for kidsCool Knitting for Kids: A Fun and Creative Introduction to Fiber Arts by Alex Kuskowski

“Provides step-by-step, illustrated instructions for knitting projects, including mitts, scarf, and bag.”                    [J746.432 KUSKOWSKI]

12 easy knitting projects12 Easy Knitting Projects by Peg Blanchette and Terri Thibault

“This title is suitable for ages 9 to 12 years. Even if you have never picked up knitting needles before, Peg and Terri will have you knitting in no time flat! This title includes 12 all new projects that use the `coolest` of the `hot` new yarns. Each pattern includes: how-to-do-it, step-by-step illustrations, what you need, and the simple stitches to know. Make some outstanding new knitted essentials, including fuzzy scarves, a sparkly metallic-yarn hip bag, great ski hats, a stylish halter top, and some toasty mittens, too.”                 [J746.432 BLANCHETTE]

teen knitting clubTeen Knitting Club: Chill Out and Knit by Jennifer Wenger

“All over the country, kids are picking up knitting needles and wildly colorful yarns to make really cool clothes and other fabulous stuff–from cozy chenille scarves to snuggly shawls, funky rag bags to furry tank tops, whimsical brimmed hats to classy cardigans. Whether on their own or together with friends in after-school clubs, recreation centers, or even yarn shops, these kids are discovering that knitting is more than learning basic stitches and following pattern directions.”                 [J746.432 WENGER]

crochet for kidsCrochet for Kids: Basic Techniques and Great Projects That Kids Can Make Themselves by Franziska Heidenreich

“With this book, kids (and tweens) can learn to crochet accessories and toys all by themselves.

• Simple, easy-to-follow step-by-step instructions and photos show basic crochet techniques and the challenging parts of each project
• The patterns start very simple, with chains used as shoelaces, and build to relatively advanced projects such as afghans and stuffed toys
• Fun, colorful projects will appeal to boys and girls aged 7 to 13
• 29 projects (12 beginner, 11 intermediate, and 6 advanced) include friendship bracelets, berets and caps, embellishments for shirts and scarves, fingerless mitts, messenger bags, and more”     [J746.434 HEIDENREICH]

handmade giftsHandmade Gifts by Margaret Parrish

“Features step-by-step instructions for candle making, crocheting, paper-crafting, and baking over seventy projects that can be given as meaningful, hand-crafted gifts.”        [745.59 HANDMADE]

family fun homemadeFamilyFun Homemade Holidays by Deanna F. Cook

“A collection of more than 150 family projects for Christmas, Hanukkah, and Kwanzaa. Includes easy recipes, gifts that children can make, party plans, and directions for making decorations.”              [ J745.59416 FAMILYFUN]

merry christmas cookbookA Merry Christmas Cookbook by Cristina Garces

“Treat your taste buds to a feast of traditional holiday delights! With simple step-by-step instructions, helpful cooking tips, color photographs, and charming character art, this book is the perfect way for parents and children to make holiday magic in the kitchen! A rating system lets kids know how difficult the recipes are, and cooking tips are sprinkled throughout. Kids will enjoy making Rolly’s Spotted Cranberry Pancakes, Sugar Rush Popcorn Gumdrop Garland and Anna’s Frozen Ice Candy!”                     [J641.5686 GARCES]

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