Monday Children’s Book Reviews for September 26, 2016

dianas white house gardenDiana’s White House Garden by Elisa Carbone

“Diana Hopkins lived in a white house. THE White House.

“World War II is in full force across the seas. It’s 1943, President Roosevelt is in office, and Diana’s father, Harry Hopkins, is his chief advisor. And Diana wants to be part of the war effort. After some well-intentioned missteps (her quarantine sign on her father’s office door was not well-received), the President requests her help with his newest plan for the country’s survival: Victory Gardens!

“From award-winning author Elisa Carbone comes the true story of how Diana Hopkins started her own Victory Garden on the White House lawn under the tutelage of Eleanor Roosevelt. With dedication and patience, she showed the nation that the war effort started first on the homefront.”                                                 [JPB CARBONE,E]

chloe in indiaChloe in India by Kate Darnton

“Though they’re divided by class, language, appearance—you name it—Chloe and Lakshmi have a lot in common. Both girls are new to Class Five at Premium Academy in New Delhi, India, and neither seems to fit in. But they soon discover how extraordinary an ordinary friendship can be and how celebrating our individuality can change the world.”         [J DARNTON,K]

audacity jones to the rescueAudacity Jones to the Rescue by Kirby Larson

“Audacity Jones is an eleven-year-old orphan who aches for adventure, a challenge to break up the monotony of her life at Miss Maisie’s School for Wayward Girls. Life as a wayward girl isn’t so bad; Audie has the best of friends, a clever cat companion, and plenty of books to read. Still, she longs for some excitement, like the characters in the novels she so loves encounter.

“So when the mysterious Commodore Crutchfield visits the school and whisks Audie off to Washington, DC, she knows she’s in for the journey of a lifetime. But soon, it becomes clear that the Commodore has unsavory plans for Audie — plans that involve the president of the United States and a sinister kidnapping plot. Before she knows it, Audie winds up in the White House kitchens, where she’s determined to stop the Commodore dead in his tracks. Can Audie save the day before it’s too late?”                   ]J LARSON,K]

angry birds movie laughtastic joke bookThe Angry Birds Movie Laughtastic Joke Book by Courtney Carbone

“Even Angry Birds get the giggles. Characters from The Angry Birds Movie come together in this 144-page collection of perfectly silly jokes and rollicking riddles. Arranged thematically, each section is chock-full of humorous riffs that will tickle kids’ funny bones.”         [J818.602 CARBONE]

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A Talk on Feeling Good !


dr-dashtabnA Talk on Feeling Good!

Even When It’s Hard to!


Union City Library

Sunday September 25, 2016 a

3:00 to 4:30 P.m.

The good news is that anxiety, guilt, pessimism, procastination, low

self-esteem, and other “black holes” of depression can be cured without drugs.

How to find a way to get along with most people.

How to make loving relationships actually loving

How to quiet down self-defeating thoughts

Dr. Dashtban is a licensed health psychologist. Her specialty is in treating persons who suffer with both medical and psychological symptoms. She is the co-founder of Feeling Good Therapy and Training Center in Fremont.

 She is a graduate of California School of Professional Psychology and has completed her pre doctoral internship at UCSF department of Psychosocial Medicine and her Post-Doctoral fellowship at Kaiser Permanente department of Pain Management in San Francisco.


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Summer Reading Game Raffle Prizes Awarded!

Congratulations to our Summer Reading Game Prize raffle winners!   As always, the Summer Reading Game is free to play, and all adults and teens who complete the game’s 25 hours of reading and activities are automatically entered into the raffle.  This year, the Teen Prize was a GoPro Camera and the Adult Prize was a Fitbit.  One winner from the Adult and Teen categories is randomly chosen from all those who complete the game.  Everyone who completes the game gets to claim a free book and fun midway prizes.  Hope to see you next summer when we resume play!


Congratulations to Deborah, our Teen winner, and Vineet, our Adult winner!

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Monday Children’s Book Reviews for September 19, 2016

cleo edisonCleo Edison Oliver, Playground Millionaire by Sundee T. Frazier

“Organizing what she believes to be a quick-and-painless loose tooth removal business for her fifth-grade project, multiracial entrepreneur-in-training Cleo struggles with a queasy client, an estrangement with her best friend and an insensitive bully. By the award-winning author of Brendan Buckley’s Universe and Everything In It.”        [J FRAZIER,S]

tiny piece of skyA Tiny Piece of Sky by Shawn K. Stout

“World War II is coming in Europe. At least that’s what Frankie Baum heard on the radio. But from her small town in Maryland, in the wilting summer heat of 1939, the war is a world away.

“Besides, there are too many other things to think about: first that Frankie’s father up and bought a restaurant without telling anyone and now she has to help in the kitchen, peeling potatoes and washing dishes, when she’d rather be racing to Wexler’s Five and Dime on her skates. Plus her favorite sister, Joanie Baloney, is away for the summer and hasn’t been answering any of Frankie’s letters.

“But when some people in town start accusing her father of being a German spy, all of a sudden the war arrives at Frankie’s feet and she can think of nothing else.

“Could the rumors be true? Frankie has to do some spying of her own to try to figure out her father’s secrets and clear his good name. What she discovers about him surprises everyone, but is nothing compared to what she discovers about the world.”             [J STOUT,S]

what are you glad aboutWhat are You Glad About? What Are You Mad About? Poems For When a Person Needs a Poem by Judith Viorst

“From the beloved and internationally bestselling author of Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day, Judith Viorst comes a brand-new collection of clever, hilarious, and poignant poems that touch on every aspect of the roller-coaster ride that is childhood.

“Did you wake up this morning all smiley inside?
Does life taste like ice cream and cake?
Or does it seem more like your goldfish just died
And your insides are one great big ache?

“From school to family to friends, from Grrrr to Hooray!, Judith Viorst takes us on a tour of feelings of all kinds in this thoughtful, funny, and charming collection of poetry that’s perfect for young readers just learning to sort out their own emotions.”         [J811.54 VIORST]

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Celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month @ Union City Library

Saturday @ 3 p.m.
September 17, 2016
hispanicmonth-jpgSalvador Vazquez

In 1998 Salvador Vazquez   began to learn how to play the traditional Jalisco       Mariachi harp with   instruction from William Faulkner.


More about Hispanic American at the Library follow the link…


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Write Your Story….Secrets!

storytellerThe storyteller’s secret : from TED speakers to business legends, why some ideas catch on and others don’t / Carmine Gallo

Internationally bestselling author Carmine Gallo reveals the secrets to telling powerful, inspiring, and game-changing stories that will help you achieve any goal.

Write Your Story


the Union City Library

Join our senior library member Bruce Haase and write your memoir. Bruce is a life long reader, he now writes memoire-based, creative non-fiction. These are informal meetings to support each other and organize your thoughts for writing. Sharing is optional.

Meetings take place

  September 20, October 18

and November 15eiffel_tower_blue

1 — 3 p.m.

Please bring your pen & paper.

For more information contact :

Bruce Haase

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Monday Children’s Book Reviews for September 12, 2016

my little sister and meMy Little Sister and Me by Maple Lam

“Today is an exciting day. I get to take my little sister home from school for the very first time. It’s a big job for a big brother, but I can do it!

“Debut author-illustrator Maple Lam’s charming story celebrates the special relationship between a little boy and his younger sister.”             [JPB LAM,M]

goblins puzzleThe Goblin’s Puzzle: Being the Adventures of a Boy With No Name and Two Girls Called Alice by Andrew S. Chilton

“THE BOY is a nameless slave on a mission to uncover his true destiny.
THE GOBLIN holds all the answers, but he’s too tricky to be trusted.
PLAIN ALICE is a bookish peasant girl carried off by a confused dragon.
And PRINCESS ALICE is the lucky girl who wasn’t kidnapped.

“All four are tangled up in a sinister plot to take over the kingdom, and together they must face kind monsters, a cruel magician, and dozens of deathly boring palace bureaucrats. They’re a ragtag bunch, but with strength, courage, and plenty of deductive reasoning, they just might outwit the villains and crack the goblin’s puzzle.”     [J CHILTON,A]

bright ideas the science of lightBright Ideas: The Science of Light by Jay Hawkins

“Filled with fun experiments investigating the science of light, readers will be able to make everything from a kaleidoscope to a pinhole camera. Inventive activities make science a fun topic to tackle as an individual or in a group setting. Step-by-step instructions engage even the most reluctant of readers.”                            [J535.078 HAWKINS,J]


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